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56% of Marketers believe that there is a huge scope of improvement in their Database strategy. In a recent study Data Appending was the top ranked service by marketers. This highlights that marketers are working well at the core of their marketing and sales structure - Database.



Data appending, and enrichment vendors ranked as the most effective third-party data source among B2B marketers looking to the outside to garner intelligence on current and future customers.

Beyond the basic data – name, email address and company name – for B2B marketers the top three most valuable pieces of data and information they would like to obtain from prospects are; the buying time frame (51%), budget information (39%) and the industry vertical (26%) of the customer target.

It can be a daunting task to get these data, but it is essential to consistently feed your lead nurturing campaigns. This is an area where working with data append companies and data enrichment providers can help.

  • You can Connect with your target audience at a much higher level.
  • Kick-start your Multi-Marketing strategies at a go.
  • Achieve High customer retention through increased relevancy.
  • Enhance your conversion rates to the maximum.
  • Convert single-channel customers into valuable multichannel customers.
  • Increase traffic to your website drastically.

Process Flow

What is Data Appending?

Once you are done shaping your Marketing database. The next step is to Append it. The ultimate intended goal Of Data Appending is Customer segmentation. You don't have to waste your time and resources on creating converged buying pro les.

It's the way you gain more information about your customers, prospects, competitors, markets and soon. In layman's terms, a data appends when a vendor receives input data, matches it to a master database, and returns a Ie containing both datasets. A list Of names and addresses can be transformed into a telemarketing list complete with demographics and purchase behavior, for example.

Data Management

Dedicated server easy to integate with any CRM system Manage and Control Seamlessly

Data Hosting

Muti Level Autenication Mulitple Permission-Base Logins Secured Cloud-Based Server.

Data Hygiene

Supperssion List
Movers List

Data Appending

Email Appending
Phone Appending
Postal Address Appending.

Data Appending

Email Verification
Phone Verification
Mailing Address Verification.


Most of the businesses are not able to possess high quality of data required for decision making this year. Nearly about a quarter of the information is inaccurate and poor quality of data is affecting all your marketing and sales efforts to provide excellent customer service.

Just appending Data like email, phone and postal addresses will allow you to drive only your email, tele and Direct marketing campaigns. But this won’t be enough for you to craft high end campaigns backed by a goldmine of insights about your prospects and customers. What you need is insights which will help you deliver high level of personalized campaigns to your clients and customers. So,what can you Append and what kind of appending services are available


Today, your company’s Facebook page can act as a lead generating machine gun, if handled effectively and efficiently. Social Validation is the process of collecting and verifying each of the profiles associated with your brand on all your social media Channels like Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter and so on.

Collating this client data can be a meticulous task. This data is collected from various facets of the social media platform after robust verification and validation of each profile.

A social profile adds personality to what was previously only a name, job title, lead score, or customer history. Having social network information in a CRM lets you have more authentic conversations with business decision makers. With our socially validated data, you’ll know the "Four W's" of your audience :

  • Who: demographics, occupation, location and more
  • Where: most used social sites and online hangouts
  • What: interests, brand affinities, lifestyles, and influence
  • With Whom: friends and associates

What results can be expected?

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