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Send the Right Email to the Right Prospect at the Right Time with Data Maelumat's Email Marketing Services

Run Your Email Campaigns Like a Pro Compressed

Running an email campaign is a challenging task as multiple factors have to be taken into consideration before starting to shoot promotional emails. Data Maelumat has the best of human and technical resources to run your email campaigns in a highly professional manner. Right from building an email list to designing the email content, to scheduling and tracking campaign progress, we take care of your end to end email marketing needs.

Drop Emails in Countless Inboxes

Wish to expand your market reach? We can help. Irrespective of the industry or region you wish to acquire new customers in, we have a rich repository of marketing data to help you.

Be it Healthcare, Information Technology, Retail, BPS' or any other sector, we have got all that it takes to help you reach thousands of prospects through Email campaigns and discover umpteen business opportunities.

We handle Your End-to-End Email Campaigns

From building email database to designing, scheduling and tracking emails,

Refresh And Recycle Your Old Email Database

We Clean up and update your database so that your email campaigns can be executed flawlessly

Customize Your Database Based On Your Needs

Get your list customized based on your email campaign strategy and marketing objectives

Flexible Delivery Models

One size doesn't fit all'. Your business is unique, and so is our approach to serving you.

How We Do it?


Behind Every Successful Email Campaign is a Data Powerhouse

Data Maelumat's Email Database gives you access to complete marketing information to reach your clients via telephone, email or mail. If you already have a database, we can cleanse the same and replace obsolete data feeds with the most updated ones. This would ensure higher ROI on your email campaigns powered by greater response rate and conversions.

What results can be expected?

Find out how Data Maelumat can help you find your ‘Best Customer’, connect with our experts at (+91)83100-42052 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at info@datamaelumat.com

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